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Agrargesellschaft Rinder Neron Pferde Ferienwohnung  





NERON 10.204206

price perportion: 40,- Euro

2001 Champion - prix d' honneur in Magnac-Laval
2002 3rd place Große Limousin Nationalschau in Baraquevill
2003 Champion in Argenton
2004 Reserve Champion "Simagena" Paris
2005 Champion in Argenton and sold to Ireland
2006 14th National Limousin Championship Ireland Champion
2007 15th National Limousin Championship Ireland Champion
  Neron is a bull with a tremendous pedegree.

He displays a great depth of character.
His placielity and calmness are impressive.
Neron's offspring are proper and of a muscular build and have a tendency
towards a balanced, above averagely broad pelvis.
His sons and dougthers write show history and are sold at high prices in
Great Britain and Ireland.


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